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Newsletter - May 15, 2020

Universal Soul Service



May 15, 2020
Words of Wisdom

While everyone around the world is concerned about their health, it is more important than ever to boost your immunity. Ancient wisdom teaches us that the way to do this is to increase your zheng qi, your positive energy. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the prevention of illness, and living in balance and harmony. A simple practice done daily can transform every aspect of your life by increasing the positive messages within your soul, heart, mind, and body. This can benefit not only your major organs but also your relationships, your finances, and more. Positive energy and messages also help you manage strong emotions like fear, sadness, grief, worry, and anger that cause imbalances and lower immunity. When we increase the positive energy within us, life can come into balance, and our immune systems can become stronger and resist illness, and every aspect of our lives can flourish.

For thousands of years, people have benefited from increasing positive energy in the Five Elements. The Five Elements is a universal law that applies to the physical body, emotional body, and much more, and includes Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each element has an authority organ that influences all the related organs, parts of the body, and the corresponding emotion.

At this time, we need to boost the positive energy in the Wood Element, which includes the liver, gallbladder, eyes, tendons, and the emotion of anger. The liver detoxifies and regulates functions that are essential for life. Transforming the liver can help boost your immunity, prevent illness, heal, reduce and prevent anger, and prolong life.

One of the ways to boost your immune system is to apply six Power Techniques, including Body Power, Soul Power, Mind Power, Sound Power, Breath Power, and Tao Calligraphy Power to the Five Elements. This is a powerful practice that anyone can do in a brief time each day to receive great benefits.

Here is an application of Soul Power that you can do to increase positive energy in your liver, gallbladder, eyes, tendons, and to reduce and prevent anger.

Apply Soul Power:

Say hello to speak directly to souls and make a request. Say hello to the inner souls of your body, systems, organs, cells, DNA, RNA, and more, and to outer souls of Heaven, earth, and more. Whomever you connect with is who you receive healing and transformation from.

First, say hello to inner souls, silently or aloud:

Dear soul of my liver, gallbladder, eyes, and tendons,
Dear my Wood element,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
You have the power to boost your immunity.
You have the power to increase your zheng qi,
positive energy.
You have the power to heal yourselves.
Do a great job!
Thank you.

Now, let’s say hello to outer souls:

Dear Heaven,
Dear Mother Earth,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Please boost my immunity, increase my zheng qi, positive energy, and heal and prevent sickness in my Wood element, including my liver, gallbladder, eyes and tendons, and heal and prevent anger.
Thank you.

Everyone is invited to learn all six sacred power techniques and how to apply them to each of the Five Elements in Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: An Information System with Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You to Heal and Transform Your Life by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Each technique is powerful independently, but all six together could offer outstanding results. This book includes animations, accompanied by chanting, mind visualizations, and breathing techniques with Master Sha that will guide you step-by-step through the practices.

We all have the power to heal and transform our lives. Just as you eat and drink every day, by practicing with these techniques every day, your soul, heart, mind, and body will be nourished with positive energy that will boost your immunity and help you with every aspect of life.


Heart of a Hero

In a blink of an eye, extraordinary events could forever change the lives of ordinary people. Such is the case for Gilles Neplaz.

As a small child, Gilles coveted and nurtured a dream within his heart. He dreamt he would one day become a successful businessman. His greatest desire was to earn enough money to leave his impoverished environment in Martinique and start a new life in another country.

His childhood dreams eventually came true and, as a young man, Gilles moved his growing family to Toronto, Canada. Then suddenly one day, the fingers on Gilles’s dominant right hand became paralyzed. His doctor could not offer an explanation as to its cause, and the only solution to stop the intolerable pain that later accompanied the paralysis was amputation.  Moreover, a genetically predisposed back pain intensified the serious and life changing circumstances.

Gilles dedicated the next two years searching for a cure, and then came upon a video that moved his soul. He witnessed the healing powers of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and Gilles became determined to find him. To Gilles’s ultimate joy, he learned he did not need to travel far to meet Master Sha for one of the nine Tao Centers was located right in the city of Toronto. So Gilles enrolled in a workshop to be with Master Sha.

In the workshop, Master Sha offered Gilles a powerful blessing that instantly allowed him to move his fingers for the first time in three years. Gilles also had hardly any pain.  He then went on to learn self-healing techniques from the Certified Master Teachers who were trained by Master Sha, and applied the practices right away. In one and a half months, his back pain completely disappeared for the first time in 27 years. Gilles was beside himself with happiness, for he had been on strong painkillers for 17 years.

From his own miracle healing experience, Gilles was very touched and moved in his heart. With a passion deep within, Gilles wanted to become a healer to help others who suffered as much as he did, and even more.

In 2014 Gilles closed his businesses and went back to school to study traditional Chinese medicine techniques and qi gong, while continuing to learn soul healing from Dr. and Master Sha and the Certified Master Teachers of Tao Academy™. After completing his studies and practicing five to seven hours per day, Gilles developed unshakable confidence and became a powerful Tao Hands Practitioner.

Gilles also gained an added dimension of knowledge from his studies with Master Sha. Gilles gained higher spiritual wisdom and understood the importance of releasing the painful childhood memories of fear and rejection. He knew in his heart that it would soon be time to return back to the Caribbean, and serve the community and the country he left behind.

In 2016, Gilles approached the Toronto School Board of Education to become a teacher for their adult education program.  During the interview he offered healing to the manager who had been in pain for months with a sprained wrist. After a few minutes of healing the pain went away, and he was hired on the spot. In the same year, Gilles started a humanitarian website to help children around the world.

Aftermath_Hurricane-Maria_Dominica_GilleAs fate would have it, in September 2017 Hurricane Maria swept through the islands of the Caribbean and Gilles’s hometown. Responding to a call to action, Gilles hastily returned home to his roots and to his people. This was not a decision he made with his mind. It was one that came from deep within his heart.

The Category 5 hurricane is regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history to affect the Caribbean islands.  Without a thought for his own safety, Gilles set out to help and heal those who had lost everything.  He quickly gathered fishing hooks, water filters, and other survival tools and equipment. Without any plans, but a strong voice from within, Gilles traveled back to his homeland to help anyone in need of assistance.

The stories that follow are poignant, but enormously uplifting and inspiring. 

One day, Gilles was very exhausted after offering healing and blessings nonstop for hours upon hours.  Tired and hungry, he asked the local villagers for some food.  They willingly shared a slice of bread that was to be divided amongst a family of ten people.  Gilles literally thought he was going to lose his life that day, but he became inspired to teach the people techniques he had learned from Master Sha to build up the levels of energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity in order to prolong life. Much to the people’s amazement, they began to feel energized and less hungry.

Gilles_Dominica_SLE-prayer-1.jpgOn the island of Dominica, Gilles worked fervently and offered healing services to help the people as they did not have access to medicine or medical care.

Through sheer courage, Gilles approached the people who appeared to be in pain and suffering. He walked up to complete strangers and offered healing. Everyone accepted his generous offer and soon the word spread about Gilles’s humanitarian efforts.

With no adequate shelter, food, and rest, Gilles lost more than 10 kilos within a week of unconditional service.  However, all the while, Gilles believed in the teachings he received through Master Sha and remained steadfast in his commitment to heal the suffering of his people.

The documentary, “Tao Calligraphy Healing Art, Experience Transformation: Story of a Tao Healer, Gilles Neplaz” written and directed by filmmaker Desiree Lim will soon be released. Desiree accompanied Gilles to the Caribbean and the film chronicles his service there. In it you will see inspiring stories of faith and healing by former self-proclaimed skeptics. 

You will see the healing of a cat that was left partially paralyzed after a brutal encounter with a dog. Gilles offered him a Tao Hands healing blessing, played the Love, Peace and Harmony song, and put a calligraphy card in the cat’s bed. Three days later, the cat began to walk and move normally.

This story is special because animals are completely authentic.  They do not have preconceived mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs that could interfere in the healing process.  If they are sick, they are down.  If they are well, they are up.  There is no second-guessing.

During the course of becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner, Gilles has returned to the Caribbean over 40 times.  He also visited Hawaii on three occasions to offer healing to its homeless populations.

Through it all, Gilles gives heartfelt thanks to his wife, Celia. He honors her as his true love and soulmate who is totally committed to walk with him on this path.

When interviewed in the video, Celia says of Gilles, “I always believed in Gilles and in everything he does. He is a man with a very big heart. I am grateful to have him. There have been challenging times, taking care of our children, and working full time to support the family while Gilles was sick or when he went back to school. But it was all worth it. Now together as a family, we can bring so much good to the world and help so many people as a family of Tao Healers.”

Gilles concluded the interview with:

My journey to become a Tao Healer all began because of Master Sha. He truly empowered me to become a selfless servant for humanity like him. I am so grateful to have met him and become his student. It is because of the wisdom and Tao Source healing power I received from him that I could live up to my potential to serve humanity.

I am eternally grateful to Master Sha.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Orlena Wong is a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy™ and co-director of Master Sha Tao Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She, along with husband and co-director Patrick Sambueno, Jr. accompanied Gilles and his family to attend to those living in the homeless encampments on the west shore and the east shore of Oahu.

Gilles visited Hawaii in March and September of 2019, and again in January 2020. With each visit, he gathered more and more people to him simply by word of mouth. In Hawaii, there is a term that is used to describe this phenomenon. The late Hal Lewis, a popular radio host from the 1960s, also known affectionately as J. Akuhead Pupule, created it (aku is a type of fish, and pupule means crazy in Hawaiian.) He called it the “coconut wireless,” a very effective means of communication in Hawaii.

Waimanalo-1.jpgAs he did in the Caribbean, Gilles offered healing blessings to everyone he encountered. With stellar confidence, he approached people at the homeless encampment and offered his services. No one refused Gilles’s kindness and open heart. They appreciated his attention and the precious possibility to be healed.

True to his abilities, the people responded with positive results. Orlena, Patrick, and the many Tao Hands Practitioners in Hawaii were inspired by Gilles’s approach. Everyone respected his courage and how he serves from his heart. Gilles’s easy manner and caring nature opened the door to the hearts of the people who were society’s rejected and downtrodden. To this day, Orlena says she sheds tears of humility as she remembers how Gilles served with greatest love and compassion.

Gilles-daughter-Sooriya_Waianae.jpgWhen Gilles taught a few classes at the Hawaii Center, Orlena said he treated everyone equally and with respect. Whether the audience was comprised of the wealthy or the homeless, Gilles remained impartial and only gave his best to each person in attendance.

In the eyes of Orlena, Patrick and the healers in Hawaii, Gilles Neplaz is a hero, a true humanitarian, and an unconditional servant for humanity. Although he oftentimes forgets himself when he jumps in to serve, Gilles will never forget where he has come from, and above all, the one called Master Sha, his teacher who has given him everything in order to become who he is today.


Editor’s note: We welcome stories from our readers. If you have something that you would like to share, please send it to testimonials@drsha.com. If you wish to submit a video testimonial, please do so at https://videowall.drsha.com/.

We will be delighted to see it and share it with the world. It may be a healing story that is heart-touching and moving, or a story that is humorous and fun. We welcome all stories that touch upon Master Sha’s work, his teachings, and humanitarian efforts, for we are one family of one heart and soul.

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This course is still open and earlier webcasts will be available.

Acquire foundational training and learn the way to reach the highest enlightenment. This basic course gives participants the opportunity to apply for Intermediate and Advanced Tao Xian Lian training courses.

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May 16: Tao Calligraphy Field Demonstration and Healing Session: Healing the Liver & Wood Element with Master Sha

Learn Six Sacred Tao Techniques to apply in the high frequency of the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field to heal the liver, a key organ for detoxification, digestion, and more. As you take care of the Wood Element and your liver, you are also balancing the related organs and anger, creating emotional and physical balance and well-being. In the healing session, every participant receives special gifts.

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May 17: The Wood Element Workshop – A One-Day Workshop with Master Sha

Boost Your Immunity at this challenging time by bringing the positive energy and information of the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field to the Wood Element, one of the Five Elements that are key to health and well-being in traditional Chinese medicine. Learn how to transform the Wood Element, including the liver, gallbladder, eyes, tendons, and the emotion of anger, and allow yourself to heal, rejuvenate, detoxify, and strengthen your immunity to all illness.

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May 21-25: Tao Song Tao Dance Certification Retreat with Master Sha

Experience a joyful way to transform negative messages to heal and align your soul, heart, mind, and body. At this retreat, you will learn special mantras to develop your Seven Soul Houses (Chakras), special transmissions to bless yourself and others, and more.

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Save the Dates:
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  • June 6 - Demonstration and Healing Session with Master Sha
  • June 26-28 - Tao Hands Practitioner Workshop with Master Sha

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Everyone is welcome!


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