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Newsletter - July 20, 2020

Universal Soul Service



July 20, 2020
Words of Wisdom

As the pandemic continues and many of us continue to feel fear and worry, we can still open our hearts to resonate with love, forgiveness, and compassion and uplift our spirits. This is a time when we can benefit more than ever by placing our attention on positive messages to feel joy and to remove whatever negative information within us that is holding us back from greater happiness and better health and well-being.

It is important to remember that how we use our hearts and minds determines our reality. If we set our hearts on love, our reality will be full of love.  Connecting with our souls and cultivating love, light, and harmony will bring us more peace and order and strengthen our connections with others. Even though we cannot be together in person at this time, we can communicate on the soul level.

Physics has affirmed the ancient wisdom that everyone is a vibrational field, and that we resonate with others through space and time. Raising our vibration and frequency can help us rise above the current circumstances. One of the ways we can do this is by tracing, writing, and meditating with Tao Calligraphy. As we do this, we become what we trace or write. Through this practice, we can resonate with the highest positive messages and vibration and open our hearts to send healing messages to ourselves and others and create the flourishing lives we imagine.

With love and blessings,
Master Sha

The Essence of Tao Calligraphy

giff_Animation_7110_482x320.gifTao Calligraphy is the carrier of positive messages from Tao or the Source. It represents Oneness and the highest pathway to wellness, success, and much more. The positive messages within Tao Calligraphy have the potential ability to improve all aspects of one’s life. For advanced teachers and practitioners, Tao Calligraphy holds the keys to deeper insight, wisdom, and understanding of one’s true self, and of everyone and everything. With skillful analysis, Tao Calligraphy could reveal sacred information that can help to transform areas of our lives where we feel blocked and challenged. For the writer, it could serve as a mirror that reflects one’s life at a given time. When you learn the wisdom of Tao Calligraphy, hone your writing skills, and learn how to apply the proper corrective measures and techniques, you can come to know who you are, discover your life’s purpose, and understand how to heal, align, and prosper in any aspect of life. Indeed, at this level, Tao Calligraphy could play a significant role in one’s daily life. For many Master Teachers, writing Tao Calligraphy every day is to do a daily reading for oneself. The process is fascinating, powerful, and enjoyable.

The oldest form of writing in China is believed to be over 3,000 years old. Valuable artifacts with writings were preserved in the form of oracle bones that withstood the test of time. The style of writing also changed through the ages and millenniums. From crude and archaic lines, eventually, the style softened, as did the writing utensils. From sharp carving stones to brush, ink, and paper, Chinese calligraphy evolved into fine works of art that captured the grace, beauty, fluidity, and powerful flow of energy as expressed in the lines and strokes of the calligrapher.

Tao Calligraphy is a special and unique form of writing that is created from one continuous stroke, which reflects the sacred unity of Tao Source, everything within the universe, Heaven, Earth, human beings, and all things. It is the most powerful way to tap into the most exquisite energy to remove blockages within oneself, others, and all aspects of life.

The history of Tao Calligraphy’s evolution is also uniquely special. In 2013, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha became the sole Lineage Holder of Yi Bi Zi Calligraphy from Professor Li Qui Yun. Professor Li, who passed away at the age of 106, was a student of Tai Shi (supreme teacher), teacher of the Qing dynasty’s last emperor and royal family. Soon after, Master Sha developed the unique style of Tao Calligraphy. In 2016, Master Sha received esteemed appointments as National Chinese Calligrapher Master and Honorable Researcher Professor, the highest titles a calligrapher can receive by the State Ethnic Academy of Painting in China.

Professor Lin Xiu Wang has eloquently expressed what Master Sha has contributed to the world in the following quote:

Tao Calligraphy uses calligraphy as a carrier to transfer the shen qi jing
of Tao Source into Heaven, Earth, human beings, and all things.
It creates a sacred bridge to link all of them. In one sentence, Tao
Calligraphy is outstanding art, which unites Taoist philosophy and
Chinese calligraphy as one, harmonized between man and nature as one,
and joining shen qi jing as one. It is a precious gift that Master Sha and
China present to the world.
– Professor Lin Xiu Wang
Director, Chinese National Academy of Chinese Painting

This is with the greatest hope that you will be motivated to experience the beauty and significance of Tao Calligraphy. Please click on the following link to watch a video and to read more: Learn More

A Peek Behind the Scenes

In 2015, during one of the earliest Tao Calligraphy Retreats held in Honolulu, Hawaii, Master Sha recognized the writing excellence of two Master Teachers of Tao Academy™, Orlena Wong and Laurie Omuro-Yamamoto. They were brought to the stage by Master Sha and given the privilege and honor of using his special calligraphy brush, ink, and paper to create Tao Guang (Tao Light) Calligraphies measuring five feet in length. None of the students at the time were given this unique opportunity. The results of their efforts could be seen in the proud and happy expression of our beloved teacher, Master Sha.

Five years later, please enjoy both Orlena’s and Laurie’s comments and perspective about Tao Calligraphy.

Orlena's Story

images_N06_circle_Orlena_500sq.jpgEver since I was a young girl, I was always looking for my purpose and the meaning of life. I used to ask, why am I here?  I would drag myself out of bed every day feeling as if I had no purpose and empty inside.  I pondered these questions for a very long time before I met Dr. and Master Sha in 2011 in Honolulu.  When I received one of his books, the first chapter read:

The purpose of life is to serve and make others happier and healthier.

From that day forward, it really inspired me to seek deeper for how I could serve, fulfill my life purpose, and find the joy within. What I learned through the years is the more I followed my heart and soul, the happier I became.

In 2014, during a Sunday Tao Blessing teleconference call, Master Sha asked, “Who wants to be a better servant?” My heart and soul were screaming, “I do,” and then he said,  “If you want to be a better servant, you must join my upcoming Tao Calligraphy retreat.” He shared that one of the highest empowerments he teaches us is to learn the sacred wisdom and power of Tao Calligraphy to serve ourselves, our loved ones, and humanity.

My life has never been the same since 2014 and that retreat. Tao Calligraphy has propelled my healing and transformational journey beyond words. It has not only served my own life, but has served so many of my friends, family, employees, and students around the world.

I have used Tao Calligraphy daily for every aspect of life, including bringing harmony to my relationships and flourishing for my business. For others, I have used Tao Calligraphy for healing physical, emotional, and mental challenges, and it has greatly relieved suffering very effectively. I have witnessed so many countless transformations before my eyes, such as seeing people go pain free after they have been in chronic pain for years, relationships healed from being on the brink of separation/divorce, and the financial challenge of being unemployed for months to having 3 job offers, and so much more …

If you want to learn to be a better servant, Tao Calligraphy is the highest way we can offer service to loved ones, to our community, and to the world.  When you serve, you are fulfilling your life purpose, and that’s the ultimate happiness. 

Orlena Wong

Laurie’s Story

images_N06_circle_Laurie_500sq-1.jpgI have always been attracted to the power and grace of Asian calligraphies. In my younger years, I participated in various martial arts and spiritual groups and would admire the calligraphy pieces written by those Masters.

When Master Sha announced in 2013 that he would be teaching Tao Calligraphy, I was so excited! I never expected to learn to write, much less teach calligraphy writing. Today, I cannot imagine my life without Tao Calligraphy. I love starting my day with tracing and writing Tao Calligraphy. These practices help to ground and align me with such positive messages and vibrations, making me more peaceful, joyous, and ready to start my day. Tao Calligraphy helps me assess where I am in the moment, reminds me of my strengths and areas to work on, and provides the means to be happier, healthier, and further reach my potential.

I truly feel one of my great blessings in this lifetime is to serve with Tao Calligraphy. I have been amazed at the transformational benefits of Tao Calligraphy. Just recently, a person who received a Tao Calligraphy blessing and scroll from me reported how it had transformed her home.  One day she hung the Tao Calligraphy in a room where her children had difficulty sleeping and being alone.  That evening, her children reported they were fine and felt comforted by the presence of the Tao Calligraphy in the room and that she didn’t need to stay with them until they fell asleep, which she would usually do to calm their fears.  She reported that she and her family became more grounded, peaceful, and harmonious as they continued to connect and trace the calligraphy! 

It reminded me again of the great healing and transformational power of Tao Calligraphy and the honor and opportunity to serve others through this sacred healing art!  I am so grateful to Master Sha for bringing Tao Calligraphy to the world, especially during this special time on Mother Earth.

Laurie Omuro-Yamamoto

Stories of Transformation that Touch the Heart

A Love Story


In January 2015, I attended a Tao Calligraphy retreat. One of the most precious gifts during the retreat was to be approved to receive Master Sha’s sacred white calligraphy book. When I came home, I used the book to offer healing blessings by tracing the beautiful calligraphy phrases and doing the practices. The people I did this for had amazing transformative results. One grandmother was worried about going blind because she was raising her grandchild, whose mother was on drugs. After the calligraphy tracing, her eyesight improved, and the granddaughter started to do better in school. This experience gave me a deeper understanding how Tao Calligraphy can bless and heal, even though my own writing is a work in progress.

newsletter_n06_MDF_600x600.jpgHowever, it was through my own serious health challenge that I learned how powerful calligraphy writing can be, in person or remotely. At the end of the Guan Yin and Ami Tuo Fu Retreat that same year, I was in my hotel room, getting ready to depart from Toronto to return home. For unknown reasons, I suddenly became confused and lost. I did not know where I was or what I was doing. I asked my roommate many questions and said things that didn’t make sense. My roommate got worried and called Orlena Wong, a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy™, and asked her to check if there was something wrong with me.

Orlena told her to get me downstairs since our airport shuttle was coming soon. Like a child, I was led by the hand to the waiting area for shuttle service. By this time, Orlena called Master Sha and asked for help. It was really frightening to me because I could think things in my head and yet could not express myself in words. I was yelling in my head, and nobody could understand me. I could not remember things or the words to say. My head felt like  a vise was painfully squeezing it, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I could hardly breathe, and it felt as though life was being squeezed out of me.

Master Sha checked if it was all right for me to fly home to Honolulu and, fortunately, it was. He wrote a Tao calligraphy, which is like a spiritual order to the soul. He messaged it to Orlena, who was flying home on another airline. My roommate got me to the airport and on the plane.

All the while, Orlena traced the calligraphy for me, and by the time I arrived in Honolulu, cohesiveness started to slowly come back, and I felt better. The painful headache, the brain fog, the struggle to speak, and the heart pounding were gone. The next morning, Master Sha, with greatest love and compassion, called me and advised me to completely rest for three months, but it was actually six months before I could return to work and my busy life.

When I went to see my doctor, he checked me after I described everything that happened. He found no obvious medical symptoms. He checked my temperature, heart, blood pressure, eyes, and throat. He then asked me a few key questions. Then he said I was fine. However, I asked for a CAT scan, which the doctor reluctantly did because I had no obvious medical symptoms or diagnosis. The results of the CAT scan showed that I had brain scarring from an “old stroke.” I never had a stroke in my life and felt in my heart that the Tao Calligraphy that Orlena traced prevented me from having a stroke or heart attack. From this experience, I knew, without a doubt, the power of calligraphy to save lives and transform serious health conditions.

During a trip to Hawaii in September 2015, Master Sha created the first Tao Chang or Tao Source Healing Field. He wrote several Tao Calligraphies and created a circle that surrounded the attendees with high frequency and many positive messages. When I sat in the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, I felt the energy and was knocked out by its vibrational power. When I awoke, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I also saw how the Tao Healing Field helped one of the Master Teachers. A teacher who has had many health concerns pertaining to the heart fainted and was immediately taken to the Tao Healing Field. Before anyone could place an emergency call, she began to recover and was soon back to normal.

Tao Calligraphies can be used in person or remotely, as I have done for my family, some with serious life-threatening illnesses. I have created a mini Tao Calligraphy Healing Field in my home with Master Sha’s calligraphies that I have been blessed to receive. This healing field not only serves me and my family but also my surrounding neighborhood in Kakaako. I live in a high-rise condo with about 800 residents and with several other condominiums located nearby. The Tao Calligraphy Healing Field serves my community and brings more love, peace, and harmony to this area of high density.

I had also been coaching a student for three months to help her with painful fibromyalgia. She was a dedicated student who practiced regularly, but she continued working in a very stressful job and environment. Her progress in healing was sure but slow. However, she received a huge shift from her first calligraphy class.

She was selected to have a calligraphy writing review. When the calligraphy teacher did a correction on the character she wrote, the student began to cry. Immediately, twenty-six years of pain was gone. In that instance, I knew we could save people who were suffering and struggling through the miracle of Tao Calligraphy correction power.

Tao Calligraphy is my love. I know it loves me, my family, and others because it has helped transform our health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and nearly everything in our lives that we have used calligraphy power to change.

The best part is you don’t have to write calligraphy perfectly to receive its benefits. You can trace calligraphy, and as a beginner, you could practice writing and still have transformative results by setting your intention. Deep love happens gradually and can happen when you keep your heart open to the possibilities. Find your love in Tao Calligraphy for until you try you will never know.

Diane Fujio
Honolulu, Hawaii

Confidence and Joy Restored


I am a Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and am honored to share a story of a man I helped while on holiday with my family in February 2020. The man, who chooses to remain anonymous, is a senior staff member at a five-star hotel in India and the head of housekeeping.

newsletter_n06_BM_600x600.jpgUpon checking in, the first thing I did was to share Master Sha’s teachings with the staff and present my business card with details about soul healing. Fortunately, word quickly spread about my practice, and a senior staff member approached me and wanted to know if he could be helped.

The young man said he suffered from psoriasis, which was accompanied by severe itchiness and painful water blisters. He said he had suffered with this condition for 1½ years with no cure or effective treatment. He also suffered from lack of sleep due to the itchiness, and depended on sleeping pills to get enough rest. He suffered physically, mentally, emotionally, and in his personal and professional relationships.

After his shift ended that night, I offered him a Tao Calligraphy blessing and by the afternoon of the next day, he reported that he felt the symptoms were reduced by 40%, and he did not need to take any medication for sleep that night. I then led him in a forgiveness practice and offered him another Tao Calligraphy blessing. He said he felt peaceful and the itching was almost gone.

Psoriasis_comparison_BM.jpgOn the third day, he felt the symptoms were reduced even more by 60-70%, and he did not take medication for sleep once again. I then offered him another session.

On the fourth day, he reported feeling 90% better and said he did forgiveness practices even while he worked. Again, I offered him another session.

On the fifth day, he felt totally and completely healed of all the itching and discomfort. He expressed gratitude to Master Sha and said this experience had changed his life. He is a young man in his 30s who has found joy once again in holding his children in his arms and playing with them. Married life for him is more blissful, and his workplace gives him more joy. His colleagues and bosses are happy for him and celebrate his healing. He says the entire experience was a true miracle for him. Above all, he wants to learn more and hopes to be able to serve humanity in the same way!

Bhawana Mittal
New Delhi, India

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