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Found 3 results

  1. "Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity." This is another of Master Sha's one-sentence-secrets. More recently, in the Soul Over Matter book, Master Sha added the wisdom that Greatest Compassion increases willpower. These one-sentence-secrets may not be as easy to understand as some of the others, so let's take a closer look. Most of us may not think of energy, stamina, vitality and immunity when we think about compassion. We may think instead of an open heart, kindness, generosity and more. But while compassion is to understand deeply the suffering of others, it goes beyond this to include the desire to do something about it. In other words, compassion includes action. It is to feel/know the suffering of others with the desire to take helpful action. Think about a mother who has a child who is suffering. That mother is motivated to help her child. She is supported by compassion to have the energy she needs to help the child. The same thing goes for all true compassion. It fuels the soul, heart, mind and body to be able to take helpful action. This could also be the mechanism for increasing willpower. Imagine the people who are inspired to help someone or a whole group of people who need help. Their compassion for the cause strengthen's their willpower to help. Think about the saints and holy beings and their compassion. Think about Guan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. She has given herself over totally to serve humanity and all souls who are suffering, to help free them from suffering. Her compassion is her power. It enables her to constantly serve. The research on compassion also supports the truth of these secrets, showing that compassion, which can be developed with targeted practice, brings a litany of benefits on all levels, from increased resiliency and immunity to greater feelings of optimism, peace, happiness and well-being. True compassion is compelling and helps us "forget ourselves" in service to others. This helps us feel better in every way. So next time you wonder about how compassion can affect your life, remember the wisdom of Master Sha's one-sentence-secrets. Develop your compassion. There are many Soul Power practices, compassion meditations and more that you can do to develop your compassion and hence, your power to serve. With great love, Your Tao Hands Team
  2. Adm

    Tracing Tao Calligraphy

    I am starting to dream again, and one of my dreams is to become a Tao Calligraphy Practitioner! I have already acknowledged that my initial receptivity to Tao Calligraphy was "lukewarm", but after my first Tao Calligraphy retreat I was very enthusiastic about writing Tao Calligraphy! However, because I was not disciplined in my writing, I switched from writing to tracing, so I could learn and benefit further without creating improper writing habits. Currently I mostly trace Tao Calligraphy. As I trace more and more, I see many benefits coming into my life. Tracing in general is a good meditative practice and brings me into alignment with the Tao Source frequency and vibration in the calligraphy. Just to align and open to this vibration brings me many blessings. If I make a particular request, the frequency and vibration go to my request. I have traced Tao Calligraphy for myself and others for a wide variety of life issues, including to help me to heal from stage IV lymphoma. I find that tracing Tao Calligraphy lifts the heaviness from my life. Things change when I trace Tao Calligraphy, even if I don't feel it during the practice. Furthermore, as I trace, I am also getting more and more aligned with how to write Tao Calligraphy. This is one of the reasons why Master Sha and his Tao Calligraphy Teachers request us to trace Tao Calligraphy before we write Tao Calligraphy. It is important to learn the character and the flow of the sacred phrase before we write it. It is important to feel it, align with it, know it and then surrender to it. When I first began writing Tao Calligraphy, Da Ai was one of the hardest ones for me to learn to write. Currently, however, I trace Da Ai almost every day. I feel I have grown more aligned with Da Ai on every level. I am really hoping that when I pick up the brush again, my experience with writing Da Ai will be different! I have also enjoyed tracing many other calligraphies. In fact, I felt I had discovered a treasure chest when I went back to the Soul Healing Miracles book and learned to trace the many Tao Calligraphies there, some of which I had not spent much time with. This adventure began when I joined a practice led by a top Master Teacher who focused on tracing the Tao Calligraphy called San Jaio Chang Tong (Figure 24 in Soul Healing Miracles book, which means, "The Key Pathway of Qi and Body Fluid Flows Freely) daily. I had never traced it before as a practice. Tracing it daily, I began to love it and to enjoy the terrific power of this Tao Calligraphy to remove blockages and open up my San Jaio (upper, middle and lower torso). The same happened when I traced Tao Calligraphy called Hei Heng Hong Ha (Figure 15 in Soul Healing Miracles; these are sounds that are associated with the First, Second and Third Soul Houses and entire Zhong/core area). I had invoked this calligraphy quite often to practice with, but I had not traced it. I found that tracing it was exciting and powerful and can boost my foundation rapidly! In general, I have found tracing Tao Calligraphy to be invaluable to my daily regiment for my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. I also find that I simply enjoy the flow, beauty and connection to Source that comes when we trace. It just feels good. Thank you again, Master Sha, for bringing us Tao Calligraphy. Thank you that anyone can enjoy, practice and benefit with Tao Calligraphy. I hope to someday be a Tao Calligraphy Practitioner. For now, I will continue to apply it and share it with others. With love, Marsha and Tao Hands Team
  3. The changes in the world today can challenge our sense of balance. On top of our normal daily stressors is an increasing amount of turmoil in the world that can threaten our physical, mental and emotional well-being. In fact, all kinds of physical, mental and emotional imbalances and conditions are on the rise and many are looking for solutions to maintain health and well-being for themselves and their loved ones, as well as others. Since 2010, Master Sha has been empowering his students with what used to be called Divine Healing Hands, now called Tao Hands. Tao Hands is a permanent spiritual transmission that is given to those who apply, are approved and who complete two workshops, Level I (Soul Mind Body Alignment Workshop) and Level II (Tao Hands Certification Workshop). The Level I workshop teaches the root wisdom of soul healing and how to bring the soul, heart, mind and body into alignment, which is the key to all forms of health, well-being and success. The Level II workshop teaches explicitly what are Tao Hands, how to apply Tao Hands and more. Tao Hands practitioners, upon receiving the transmission and the training, are equipped to help facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as to bless relationships, finances, business, heart and soul intelligence and more. They have been given the power, through Master Sha, by virtue of their application and completion of the program and their interest in serving themselves, their loved ones, their community and humanity with Tao Hands. With Tao Hands, one always has the power to offer high level spiritual blessings that are filled with Tao frequency and vibration of Tao love and light, compassion and more. These frequencies can remove blockages and help us maintain health and well-being. Tao Hands practitioners are empowered to make a real difference in the lives of many. Over the years, I have become more and more amazed with Tao Hands. Though I have received several other certifications, I utilize my Tao Hands most often. As I come into greater awareness of the power I have been given with Tao Hands, I am in awe. Here is a new Tao Hands Practitioner sharing her excitement about the results she witnessed right away: It's my honor and privilege to share more about Tao Hands in the coming blogs. Thank you for your time and attention. With love, Marsha and the Tao Hands Team
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