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Found 1 result

  1. Magdalena Kusch

    2020 Foresight

    A sign of the times could be that we will see more and more people standing out from the crowd and humbly taking the lead to new directions in many areas. With this year that just has started and will also begin in the Chinese Calander on January 25th truly a new era begun and we are all kindly invited to show up and to participate in it with our full heart. The year 2020 is going to be one of the most remarkable ones in the history of man kind. It is a year written with two zeros, two "O" or circles and they represent a few things. A circle stands for Tao, the Source or the creation power out in the universe an within every single being. It stands for completion, making it through the whole cycle or arriving at point zero. It stands for endings and new beginnings. We might see a lot of things that are not in alignment with the source coming to an end this year. We will also see stunning beginnings. Most of all, we will all feel the creation power moving through us and this raw power of source pushing us into areas of growth and accomplishments, we never knew we were capable of. In the year of 2020 many magnificent new inventions for planet earth and the greater good will manifest. People will show up out of nowhere and present solutions for all kinds of human destructions and pollutions to us, that are too good to be true. Very smart and brave individuals will also come out of the shadows of leaders, rulers and players and point us towards a new truth. This year contains the "two" twice and the sum of it is the number "four". Four stands for solid foundations and building the base in every aspect of life. It is also the lucky number for the Soul Light Era, which begun on August 8th 2003 and will last for at least 15 000 years. Great luck will be especially bestowed upon those who live in alignment with the source, embody high qualities of love, forgiveness, compassion and care and focus on service for others and Mother Earth. Two represents the law of Yin and Yang and the balance between these two energies on earth that the universe wants us to achieve in this year. It asks us to create more ying yang harmony within us, within our relationships, in companies, organizations, communities, between countries and beyond. Two also is heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are melting together in the new decade and awaken souls in human bodies to consciously collaborate with the ones from above. Those who pair up this year in new ways will contribute to the universal plan of balancing in huge waves in the next few month. Two stands also for healthy judgement and discernment, when we are deciding between two options. It stands for reasoning that represents a balance between the logical and intuitive mind. It stands for fair sollutions that can be found, when we approach things with a balance between the mind and heart. Our heart will be acknowledged much more in the upcoming years as the playground and center for expressions of our soul. Two is also a number of justice that will be brought to many areas and stands for the justice that can enfold when we open up to see the real truth with a heart-mind-harmony. The number two is a sign for the unification of opposites and we will see many parties who were in disagreement, finding their ways to work with each other instead of against. This number of course represents partnership. Partnership with our own self (our higher self), which is our soul and the partnership with others around us. In 2020 many people will join together in order to move things forward and accomplish big goals for the greater good. Its also the number for union of soul mates. Many of the soul mates who are on their True Love journey will be united this year. Their unification is also a part of the global plan to bring healing in the area of unhealthy, abusive, manipulative and co-dependent relationships in all aspects of life. Deals which are based on taking advantages of an other or contribute to harm to Mother Earth, will come to an end and for some its going to happen with a big boom, so others become aware of it and feel inspired to finish what does not serve them either. Many people will truly awaken and stop living an anxiety driven life and overcome long time issues like for example addictions. Healing of addictions in all forms will be a big topic for 2020 and this includes the unhealthy attachments to not only substances, food, games and social media but also people. The focus of 2020 is more harmony and there is no balance within a human who tends to kling on to something unhealthily and imbalanced individuals tend to create more chaos in the world, as we all know from history. In 2020 we can all expect an increased awareness, more empathy and people who are connected to the source, trusting their inner voice more than the increased noise out in the world. Men and women will honor their feelings much more and openly share their mastery path for long time or tabu issues. As there will be many karmic cycles coming to an end this year, there will be also a lot of desolation and misfortune and hardship to face in the area of business, finances and material in general. We have all already witnessed great losses and destruction in the start of the year all around the world due to fires, storms, volcanos and more. These kind of course correcting universal endeavours will continue to take place and shake us all more awake. It will be a time of coming closer together with the soul family much much more often and really a time of following the call to unknown territories. This planet and all the people will be releasing soul patterns, contracts and agreements from the past (lives) that don´t serve anymore to bring more love, peace and harmony to anyone´s life. Many of those who already went through great losses and challenges, disappointements and failures in the past years, will overcome their past regrets, heal their trauma, reset and truly move on. They will share their lessons with others, as two is also the number for mirroring. Mirroring is not always the way we think. Its not only always to recognize what is triggering us by others but also to recognize what beauty and devotion we can see in them and take it as inspiration for our own path. Many of us will truly discover, unlock and apply their greatest gifts and of course share them with others to serve them to find theirs. Right now we might still go through a time of great cleansing or even stagnation for the new is not fully there yet and the old is way to heavy to hold. We are releasing the fear to break and the anxiety to let go. We are learning to surrender and to connect with the power within. Its truly time to ask ourselves some sincere questions which will bring some ease to the process. Are we still lost in the translation of our gut-feelings, our insights and intuition? Are we afraid to make a move and to leave the past behind? Well, here is a little Gut-Glossary for those who are looking for more clarity: When we enter a room/place and suddenly feel discomfort all over he body, it´s most likely our soul telling us: " I wanna get out here". When we spend time with people we love but feel drained, empty and unfull filled after, it means there could be a huge frequency gap between us, the relationship is not balanced or there is past life karma between us active that is looking for some work out. When we sit at the desk at our job and have the sense of unpleasent nothingness, total lack of inspiration and motivation , when we think our occupation is pointless (beside the pay check) and we feel a huge calling to contribute to the transformation in the world in new ways, its a calling from our soul and a gentle reminder about our life task. When we come home from workday feeling exhausted and with the desire to only shut off from the world, we most likely are stuck in a job that does not fulfill us and steals our life force to a degree where we long isolation. It´s important to fix the situatin before we lose all our energy to do so. When we sit in projects meetings without enthusiasm and our minds keep wondering about other ideas, when we dream of other approaches and ways of moving projects forward, most likely this is either not the project that we should be investing our time and energy in, or this is not the right team to do it with. When we are lying in bed next to our lovely partner and we fantasize about being with someone else, or we spend every minute our soul mate looks away to have a chat with someone else, we probably should take some alone-time for real introspection. This year will also be the year of truth. There will be many out-comings and some real bombshells shaking the global mind. Those who dare to share and step forward to live their truth will take many others with them and we know, no one really was impressed by bought followers. In 2020 we have to clearly decide, if we wish to be the ones who continue to pollute, abuse, burden this planet, who continue to maintain the illusions, or if we belong to those who will be providing the real Medicine to the people and the environment. Who will stand up, take charge to lead the way and take responsibility for the own thoughts, words and actions including everything that is expressed in the modern media. Every like or comment has the power to uplift ourselves and others or to do the other way. This is how powerful each one of us is. In 2020 many of us will come to this conclusion. This year many of us will also apply the tools we know and have and practicing meditation, yoga, calligraphy art and more, will be as welcomed in all facilities around the globe as fresh air is. May you enjoy this practice below for alignment and a great start to a new day and the heart song below: Practice for a happy and fulfilled day HEART SONG For those of you, who wish to receive a personal forecast for 2020, please email me to: onelove@magdalenakusch.com The special offer until end of January is a 15 min session (via phone, skype, whats app etc.) and a recorded personal out look for 2020 Fee 700 SEK Please also find daily uplifting messages from the soul realm on The City Monk Instagram Profile Thank you. With Love, Magdalena
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