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Found 1 result

  1. Magdalena Kusch


    WOMEN and men world wide dedicate this day which is the 25th of November to bring awareness to violence against women. Already since 1981 activists have been on duty to educate, help to prevent and to stop the violent abuse of women world wide. Since 2000 this day was officially declared by the General Assembly to the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women." Now in 2020 the year of lock downs in homes, the universal calling to take thoughtful action to help to transform the global and cultural independent issue is louder than ever. Statistics clearly show that 1 in 3 women and girls experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most likely by an intimate partner. Domestic violence is a problem in all countries around the world and causes huge costs including in the health care sector as victims could suffer from life long physical, mental and emotional issues. In ancient times and now abused women have been looking for shelter and in asian countries like Japan, they could find it in Buddhist temples called "Kakekomi Dera". The very first Women's Shelter in the western world started to open world wide between the 1960th and 1970th. The very first European one, was created in England in 1971 by Erin Pizzey and in 1976 the first on German ground was established in Berlin. In the meanwhile many countries have a form of temporary shelter for women. When during this year domestic violence increased world wide due to the pandemic lock downs, the French Government for example invested one million euros in establishing 20 new help centres throughout the country. These are located near supermarkets, so victims can find help there during their grocery shopping. From there they are redirected to hotel rooms that provide temporary rescue and are paid by the government. Such establishments are crucial and life saving for millions of women each year world wide and most often they are supported and run by volunteers. Countless organisations, communities, religious facilities and individuals are investing tremendous work in the handling of these issues and develop concepts for prevention as well as after care. Various spiritual organisations have been providing free education about domestic violence, sexual abuse and harassment also in countries which have very high rape rates like for example India. In the times of social media violence and sexual abuse have not only reached the highest peak of human history, they spread with the speed of the light while they create a lot of darkness and have truly a huge impact on the vibration of the global human consciousness. We all know the problems are far from solved, they are boiling more than ever in all countries around the world. Beside all approaches made so far, the time has come to evaluate the issues from other perspectives and to find ways to solve them by the root. According to the Tao Science the root cause of all suffering is the accumulation of negative information on the soul, heart, mind and body level, which creates a negative vibrational field. This negative vibrational field of a person attracts more negative information or situations and circumstances that vibrate on the same level. It´s vital to understand that universal laws and principles are directing the matching of vibrational fields. What ever we as individuals carry in our vibrational field, we radiate this out to the universe and the universe responds. What we send out, we attract. What we give, we get. This is a very sensitive topic to review from the spiritual perspective. But it is time to do so in order to transform it where it begins. Practically said, violence that is performed by no matter which gender to whom, is based on negative information recorded in the soul, heart, mind and body of everyone involved. The negative soul heart mind and body blockages are called "Shen Qi Jing blockages" in Tao Science. The Shen Qi Jing blockages could have been accumulated in this life or past lives. Not all believe in past lives which is of course everyone's free choice to do or not to do. Still, this wisdom can be applied for one life only. The negative information a person carries go in resonance with the negative information of another person. Victim and perpetrator interact based on the spiritual debts they carry either towards each other or towards other souls. The unpleasant experiences from the past, when unforgiven, create a spiritual debt, an obligation to be paid back in similar ways. Humanity is literally stuck in the universal payback program, cause most human beings have not found the way out yet. The Shen Qi Jing blockages a person carries that lead to abuse or violence are generally speaking due to the mistakes the person (soul) has performed earlier. Most likely either the person expressed violence or the ancestors did. But the Shen Qi Jing blockages could be also of different kind, like for example low self esteem, is known in psychology to be a risk factor for addictions and fear is one for violence. Negative information of abuse that one went through earlier (in this current life or other lives) when not healed, could continue to attract more abuse to the person. Many people carry negative information in form of negative memories (which are blockages of the mental body) due to negative experiences in their lives, due to for example shock and trauma, which keep their vibration very low and cause similar experiences again and again. Other negative information that are lowering the vibrational field are lack of self-love, lack of self-respect as well as guilt and shame. Millions of women are dealing with these issues since birth and our society has developed to a system that reinforces those. Body shame is an epidemic issue itself. These are true causes for the violence against women and in order to stop the violence, we need to address them first. We need to help the women, to transform negative information to positive information. We have to help them to rise their frequency and vibration to prevent violence. What I personally found true for many women I was honoured to support in their healing process, is that some constantly attract abuse and violence, in actions, words and even thoughts, simply because they have the tendencies to abuse themselves. Many women are too much on the yang side in their energy levels, they have too much fire and qualities associated with the yang energies. They overwork, they are constantly busy, active and they themselves go against their needs. This is true for women working in the house hold and having jobs outside of it. The abuse they attract is due to the fact that they carry this vibration within by doing it to themselves. Common psychologist are already on the way of addressing these patterns and more awareness is built also regarding how women are treating each other. Envy, jealousy, gossip, ghosting, bullying and competition harm human beings in general and create negative fields which are perfect foundations for more disasters to manifest. A lot of violence against women occurs also in the working field and not all abusers there are male. In social psychology the social female structure is compared to a crab basket. What comes from the observation that a basket with crabs can be left standing open on the street and no crab will crawl out. Why? Simply because as soon as a crab starts to climb up, it will be pulled back by other crabs. The is a safe system with no escape. No crab can rise above the others. Now as we are going through a major shift on mother earth and uplifting the frequency and vibration of the entire planet, we are leaving such unhealthy structures behind and the time for women has come to unite, build strong supportive communities and to love and lift each other up. In my view major reasons why women experience violence is due to the fact how they treat themselves and one and other. Women have to begin to speak lovingly to themselves and about themselves, and they need to speak up to each other about flaws and mistakes that lower the collective female energy field. The time has come to remind our dear soul sisters to have more self compassion, self care and to look behind the patterns of overworking or social media addictions. Its important to point out when our diet is contributing to health issues and lowering our vibes. Women should tell their female friend, who is in a committed relationship, to stop chatting and flirting behind the partners back, as this is a form of abuse also. And we get what we give, Women should have courage to say that it´s not ok to use the husband or partner as a sperm donor and become pregnant without their full agreement to get ones will and later to complain about lack of support by the same. Complaining about anything is one of the best ways to drop our frequency. We have to be honest and look within and see our own forms of abuse that we perform everyday including in the ways how we put our meals on the table. How many cows are daily forcibly impregnated to provide us a steak? Women and men have many issues to solve on earth. An important one is to stop abusing the great mother, the giant female source her self. All the violence that we commit as a human race against mother earth, is stored deeply within her core and carried by her in her vibrational field. When we live on a planet that has absorbed violence form countless wars, abuse of recourses and misuse of thoughts, words and actions, of countless souls in human embodiments, aren't we living then in a quite polluted field, that by law repeats the patterns on the individual and collective level constantly? This is one of the major issues we are dealing with. Another is ignorance and that's why we need days like this. To talk and reflect and to have open minded dialogues with experts from all fields. We have to uplift our conscious minds to see the root cause of the problems more clearly, to recognise the truth and to realize how we are all in entanglement with all of this collectively. It´s important to know for all women, girls and actually for all human kind, the time to change has come and the solutions are out there already and together we can heal and transform everything. The key to change is to change the vibrational field. This can be done through certain techniques like meditation, chanting high vibrational mantras or soul songs, writing and tracing Tao Calligraphies, Soul Dance, Tai Qi, Yoga and other practices that have been known of their impacts to shift frequency. There are extremely powerful ways to uplift our vibration by removing the pollution on the soul level through practices like for example the Universal Meditation for Forgiveness . It´s vital to go within and start with ourselves. We can all see that we are all part of the global healing that is needed. Everyone counts and everyone has a voice and can do something about the issues we are dealing with. We are all one and unified, we have unlimited power to transform everything and to create love, peace and harmony. Most important is now to apply the tools that can transform the negative Shen, Qi, Jing and to stop pretending we have not heard or seen anything. One of the most saddest cases in the human research in psychology, is the case of "Kitty Genovese": a 28 years women who has been stabbed to death, outside of the apartment building across the street where she lived in New York. It was published in the newspapers and later examined by the social psychologists that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, none of them called the police or offered help. This sad incident became later known as the "bystander effect" or "Genovese Syndrome". We all have to stand up for each other and the time is now to transform also this. We all have a voice. We are the voice. Lets be the voice of love, compassion and kindness and step back from blame, anger and shifting responsibilities. We all know, we are all responsible and we are all equally empowered to provide help and create the change. You Are The Voice Thank you. With Love, Magdalena
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