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  1. until
    Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Field is created by the revolutionary healing art of Tao Calligraphy (Oneness writing). Tao Calligraphy is to write positive messages in Chinese characters with one stroke of the brush. Master Sha was trained and guided in a special way to connect with Tao Oneness. His entire background, including mastery of the Asian arts, western and eastern medicine, acupuncture, Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke calligraphy), ancient philosophies, and many spiritual and energetic practices melded together and prepared him to create Tao Calligraphy. As Master Sha writes Tao calligraphy, Tao (Source) pours its essence – its shen qi jing (information, energy and matter) directly into the calligraphy, which then radiates out the pure essence and qualities of Tao Source. Learning to write, trace or meditate with Tao Calligraphy quickly aligns us with the principle of Oneness. This brings great benefits into our lives. The practice of Tao Calligraphy and the Tao Calligraphy Field blessings have helped thousands around the world to heal and transform pain, health conditions, relationships, finances and more. During this powerful and extraordinary retreat, you will learn and experience: The creation of Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy Field for Healing and Transformation The revolutionary practice of Tao Calligraphy in the Tao Calligraphy Field. Key steps and practices that can support and accelerate your healing journey. Simple practices that help you maintain emotional balance and heighten your sense of well-being through your connection with Oneness. Step-by-step guidance for how to write powerful positive messages filled with love, forgiveness, compassion and light for yourself and others. Soothing meditations and restorative moving practices to open and align the soul, heart, mind and body. The Tao Source Six Sacred Techniques that support healing and rejuvenation, which have been tried and tested and successfully applied to any aspect of life. The benefits of learning the practice of Tao Calligraphy include: Being able to apply Tao Calligraphy to nourish shifts in consciousness, the opening of your heart and the awakening of your soul intelligence. Having powerful tools and practices to help clear away the limiting messages that block greater health, relationships, finances, balance and success in your life. Attaining a greater ability to live in harmony and connectedness within yourself and with others. Accessing and absorbing uplifting messages and information that can enable you to reach new heights physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A large body of research confirms the great benefits of many forms of meditation for health, happiness, and more. Many ancient and modern spiritual practices have the power to change us on a molecular level, altering the information (messages) stored in our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies that determines the course of our lives. Altering our information is like changing our blueprint – it has effects that reverberate in all aspects of our lives, including health, relationships, success in work, better finances, more creativity and intelligence, and more. The ancient wisdom and practice of Tao Calligraphy can help you transform your information and hence, your life. The Master Sha Tao Calligraphy Field can help you find extraordinary well-being and happiness. Take this remarkable opportunity to experience the Master Sha Tao Calligraphy Field and its blessings. Register Now! Webcast Honor Fee: CAD$385.00 (CAD$270.00 until Jan 10, 2020) Information: CustomerService@DrSha.com 1.888.3396815 Note: Reservations can be made by calling 1-877-474-6835, (416) 449-4111, via fax (416) 385-6700, or e-mail reservations@tdvhotel.com. Special Rates are in effect for registrations made up to January 21, 2020. Please ensure that you refer to the group block name of Tao Healing Retreats 021020 when making reservations.
  2. Magdalena Kusch


    Somewhere only we know what is the very best for us and which way to go but sometimes we have doubts and we refuse to believe our own knowing. We are stuck in our illusions, programming, fears and false beliefs about ourselves and our life. We could be clinging to the past (experiences) for many good reasons and trying to ignore all signs in a new direction. When a soul gets off the course a lot of things happen in the soul realm and the spiritual guides, protectors, ancestors and most likely a very special companion called "Tian Ming" in the TAO SCIENCE, become very active to alert us, awaken our mind and help us to get back on track. They do this, because they love us and because we have asked them for that before we came into our human embodiment. We have agreements with them and especially Tian Ming, who is a saint assigned to us to help us to accomplish our life tasks, is very committed to help us to do what we came for. These agreements for support are truly for our greatest best, for our protection and our growth. As souls we sit in the soul realm in a place called AKASHA RECORDS for a while and make our plans for our future life on earth, or somewhere else. We make them with the help of the heavens team according to our soul standing, our frequency and vibration and the amount of HEAVENS VIRTUE on our heavens bank account, which was offered to us for our previous services. All our services are recorded in the Akashic Records. These records are also called karma. When our souls come to earth they have plans, sometimes really huge ones and they have the best intentions for growth and the best service they can offer. They also have free will and as human we have a mind that actually functions like a hard disk on a computer and needs to be programmed first. Our human mind does not know in the beginning about all the plans our souls have. Most likely it does not remember who we truly are, where we came from and what for... The mind needs to learn and be filled with information and educated by the soul about the steps to take in life. Some minds and souls of people work pretty well together. They are aligned and in great harmony. The soul makes a request, provides an idea or inspiration and the mind follows. It sends the impulse to our body to do what is needed: move the fingers or the legs, pick up the phone and make a call, get dressed or go to sleep. When minds and bodies follow what the soul wants, all is good. We might feel a deep sense of happiness and joy, peace, harmony and great fulfillment in the things we do and the ways we live. This is a wonderful place to be and I like to call it the "real comfort zone". Internally we might experience a real balance between security and excitement: yin yang balance and we don't really think about changing anything. Then there is also what is called "fake comfort zone". This condition is a pretty common thing and people tend to mistake it for the real comfort zone as the human beings are programmed in this way at this time on earth. In this zone people feel actually not really fulfilled for example with what they do for living , where they live, with the friends they have or with whom they are in a relationship. They feel desires for other things, constantly dream about an other job or have phantasies about a partnership with someone else. They might feel a deep yearning for education or spiritual growth and input, for more inspiration, creativity or excitement. They might feel bored and trapped or too stressed and overwhelmed with everything that happens in their life. These feelings are already clear signs from the soul world. They feel this way, cause the soul feels this way. The soul has decided to move on, to change something, to improve or to accomplish a major next step on the soul journey and tries to awaken the mind to gain new understanding and clarity about the next steps. When the mind does not respond fast enough, this is when heavens teams respond and offer support in all ways. This is when they begin to send signs, which are truly heavenly directed and mind blowing. They have to be mind blowing, to hit and awaken the mind. There is an infinite number of possible signs and they are actually individually designed, so that the individual might really comprehend them with the unique mind as everyone is truly very different. Signs could be gentle, soft and kind, have "yin-character" and they could be strong and truly forceful, more yang, like for example an accident or mishap. There could be very clear warning signs and those who shaken objects or others in front of us, so we get the message. Signs are really a very common way how the universe communicates with earthly beings. Not all are aware of this and respond to the signs and message from the soul realm. Some minds are really deeply asleep and like to reject things like that, put it down, make fun of it or simply deny to have been experiencing signs. TYPES OF SIGNS There are signs that are for the individual people as well as those for the global consciousness which could happen publicly or not but are meant to inform huge masses about something. I have been personally receiving and experiencing all kinds of signs probably since my early childhood. I have been experiencing how well the universe knows me and how it operates to give me all kinds of signs that I will comprehend and follow. I am also very sure that I have missed countless of them and that the universe must have been repeating many of them constantly until I finally listened. When we get signs and ignore them or misinterpret them, we will receive other and stronger signs. Signs can be also given when we actually consciously request for them. We can ask simply the universe or our guides, we can ask souls of beloved ones in the soul realm or on earth and we can ask our own soul. We can ask the souls of other people we know and wish to have an answer from to deliver it to us through signs. You will find a link below how to make a request for signs. REPEATERS In the past few weeks I have been constantly receiving very significant signs to help me to heal from the past, to put me on my new path and to empower me to serve in my field in the very best way I can at this time. I have been receiving many sweet and gentle reminders that made my heart dance and some a little more intense ones. In last December for example, I was sitting in a café for lunch in a village about an hour from my home and doing some soul communication there and asking for guidance for certain things related to my service. I was picking some Tarot cards and reflecting upon them. I picked a card that was very clearly pointing to what I should do next but my mind started to argue and wonder. I had huge resistance coming up when I was told to focus on that in the near future and negative thoughts like: why should I do that…, people don't want to hear about that...and more... In the moment when I was just questioning everything, I got the message directly through my spiritual channels, that I have to do it, because I would bring a lot of hope, healing and light to the ones who need it...Right in that moment the big grocery store down on the street, that I could see from above, just lit on all their lights and advertisements outside. This was a clear sign in my view and the end of my arguments with the soul world. A few days after I simply stood up in the morning and did what heaven asked me to do, which was to record videos about my healing path of the condition I suffer from called "endometriosis" and to post it on a new channel. Other signs related to my task of bringing the wisdom and knowledge and spiritual perspective about healing of trauma and codependency were offered to me "on repeat" over a longer period of time. Until the day where I was doing a bigger cleaning before Christmas, which included the windows, when I broke a very beautiful birthday gift from a dear friend. It was a crystal bird that stood for my soul mate and our connection. The moment the bird felt to the ground, my heart stood still and my mind did not like the cracking sound at all. Luckily when I picked it up, I saw that I could fix it again. At the same time I clearly knew, this was a significant message from my soul mate and he told me that he really needs my help at this time,he needs to understand co-dependency deeper. He said he broke his wings a while ago and does not know how to get himself together and out of the struggle he is. He said, he wants to fly again but one can spread a broken wing. I again felt some blockages coming up within me and I had doubts about what to do with this request. Things have not been easy at all in the recent past for us, so I was concerned to make mistakes. Heaven did not give up on us and the very next day, when I went on my Instagram account, the first thing I saw, was a beautiful painting of one of my favorite artists, which you can see below… It confirmed my previous messages in a mind blowing way…so I went on and on the same day, which was December 24th and I accomplished what I was asked for to do. Signs are a very powerful way for communication between heaven and earth and amongst souls. Sometimes something in the house will fall down or apart or disappear, so we hear what heaven or other souls want to express to us. One of my very recent experiences this week was that the cover of the lamp on the ceiling in my bathroom felt down while I was in the shower. I was not even close to it. Luckily it felt on a thick carpet and did not break but this incident was a clear message to me, while I was thinking about a certain task I was postponing for very long... When this happened, I knew it was a kind reminder to get it done and I knew why. HOW TO KNOW IF WE ARE RECEIVING A SIGN From my personal experience, when we are receiving a sign, we simply know it. We could have a feeling like something "hit" us. I often feel actually a strong energy that hits me in my heart center or crown and moves through me in a moment of a sign. When we are not so sensitive to energy, we might still have a sensation, a feeling or a physical response like a relief (of tension). On the mental level we might have a beam of clarity, an epiphany and deep understanding of a matter we did not have before. We could really sense stress or burden leaving us as well feel excitement, joy, love and peace. For me, I mostly feel a very profound peace, followed by gratitude which really often comes faster than my mind can think. I feel the peace also when "negative" messages are revealed and for me this peace is an indicator that I am on the right path or that everything is going to be alright no matter what challenge is showing up now. Often just in the moment of the realization of a sign it seems like the time and the universe stands still and all is very sharp and present. I also feel inspired and filled with hope when I receive signs. Its important to know that the message of the signs is always determined by the recipient. Like the lyrics of songs. They might have meant something very different to the artist when they wrote it but when we listen to it, we might have our own very personal experience and meaning of it. This is the beauty of art. Two people could receive exactly the same sign but it could mean something completely different to each one of them. We can not really argue or discuss the meaning of the signs. We simply know it in our hearts. We can share with others and ask for their opinion but the experience is ours, no matter what they say. Some signs from heaven are also very physical like a feather or for example a stone in a certain shape. Some signs can be taken literally, like a heart shape stone stands for love. For others we have associations, which are the actual messages we should think of or be reminded of. Some signs could be very consistently offered for one issue and some signs only appear ones in a life time. I often tend to pick up the physical signs and keep them in special places where they will continue to remind me of the particular message or lesson. Most of the signs I simply keep in my heart...and for the very big ones, I take notes about them in my diary. IF YOU WISH TO ASK FOR SIGNS Below you will find a short practice how to connect with the soul world and request for signs as well as some basic guidelines. Please take notes of the guidelines if you have to. This is a formula I learned from my beloved teacher Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha and that I apply for everything in life. Its called SOUL POWER. Applying this even though its very simple, is very scared to me and I believe we should always communicate with greatest respect with other people as well as with souls and the soul realm, especially saints and our guides. Sometimes we ask for a sign cause we are challenged and feel imbalanced, in a moment when we have a great need for a sign. Its still important to show courtesy as well as be aware that when we are too emotional, we might not see the sign, even its right in front of us. Its important to request help and at the same time to release all attachments to the answer... When, how and if the sign will be given, is up to heaven. All we have to do is to stay open and trust. PRACTICE How to make requests for signs I was recently in a very sad place after experiencing something very unpleasant regarding the love journey. I connected with the soul of my true love soul mate and picked a card. The message was that I should go out in the nature...it made sense to me, I knew I could get relief by moving and breathing fresh air. Even it was very late in the evening, I got dressed and went out into the cold. I went on a walk to the lake. Being there instantly uplifted me. It became peaceful in my mind around that topic and what happened between the two of us. I felt inspired to do an universal meditation for forgiveness. First I did it basically with all souls and later I decided to do the same with just his soul. I chanted for a while and felt his soul was present and very loving. So I opened my heart and started a soul conversation with him. I asked his soul, when there is still hope for the two of us, when I should continue to trust and move on with the process, he should please give me a vey clear sign in the physical realm. Then I will continue to have faith and do what is asked of me. I thanked him and I went back towards home. I was already feeling much better. I was exhausted from the negative thoughts and feelings of the day and decided to leave it all behind. I was grateful for the advice to go out. I walked down the pathway and on the crossing where I would usually turn right, I felt, I should keep going straight and instead take the little path between the trees to my home. I walked and still chanted mantras in my heart. Just when my home appeared behind the trees, I looked up and then I saw an unbelievable shooting star, just in that moment falling from the right side all across the road I walked to the left. This was the longest fall I have ever witnessed. I was literally in shock. I instantly knew this was the sign I have just asked for. I felt incredible joy and was moved to tears. I just stood there and starred at the sky an cried. I thanked his soul and the entire universe for the gift and the very fast answer. It was one of the most beautiful experiences with signs of my entire life. Sometimes the signs come instantly. Sometimes not. Sometimes we have even forgotten that we have asked for them...and they still come out of the blue...but we instantly know that´s it. This is how it works. What comes in my mind is: you ask and you shall receive. We just have to dare to request... I hope you enjoy the universal play too. If you have any questions or experiences to share, please feel free to write in the comments below. Please enjoy one of my currently favorite songs, which was also a sign when it came to me but this I will share another time...Maybe Sign of the times by Harry Style With Love Magdalena The City Monk is now also on Instagram ART With my deepest love and gratitude for the painting “Bird Heaven” to Natalia Kukunet
  3. until
    Experience the Power of the Tao Chang Master Sha has shared that: Tao Calligraphy is the love art to transform all life. Tao Chang is the love field that transforms all life. Each Tao Calligraphy Tao Chang Healing and Transformation session is an opportunity to align your soul, heart, mind, and body for better health, well-being, relationships, personal and spiritual growth, and success in life. In these special sessions, Master Sha will continue to share about the wisdom and power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang and how they can help us to heal and transform our lives. He will demonstrate how to practice and receive blessings from Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang. So bring your dreams and challenges into these sessions and enjoy your healing and transformation journey as you receive more Source love, forgiveness, compassion and light in your life! Be sure to invite your friends and loved ones so they experience the power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang and have the opportunity to receive any unique or special blessings that may be offered by Master Sha. Register here...
  4. until
    Register Now Prerequisite: Any Tao 1 – IV Retreat Tao Retreat Years 1 – 4 with Master Teachers Henderson Ong and Hui-Ling Lin Sep. 27-29, San Francisco Tao Retreat Years 1 – 4 with Master Teachers David Lusch and Harriët Bleijendaal Oct. 9 – 13, Netherlands Tao I-II, Sept. 18-20 and Tao III-IV, Sept. 21-22 in France with Master Peter Hudoba and Master Laure Le Corroller Offered in English with French & Spanish translation Register by emailing info@da-ai.fr or calling +33 1 87 39 13 32 Tao is The Source. Tao is The Way of All Life. Tao is The Universal Principles and Laws that Govern All Life. Everyone can tap into the infinite power and wisdom of Tao by observing and following (practicing) its ways. Many of the qualities of Tao can be most easily observed in nature. Take unconditional service as an example. The sun shines for everyone and everything. The tree provides shade for the king and the beggar alike. Tao is unconditional in its service. Tao flows and flourishes. The moon rises and sets, providing different opportunities for different forms of life. Water flows to the lowest places, cleansing and gathering, with great humility. Plants sprout and bloom in season and stand bare or expire in other seasons. All of nature shares its loving presence and total acceptance of circumstances and cycles. To live in alignment with Tao is to discover and develop our Tao nature, which is our true nature. When we live in accordance with this, we are in the flow of Tao and can receive its many blessings. In these circumstances, our health, relationships, finances, intelligence, soul journey and more, can flourish. The Tao Retreats For the past nine years, Master Sha has been offering Tao Retreats to train students to recognize, appreciate and embody the Tao; to receive nourishment and blessings from the Tao, and to release blockages to the flow of Tao Qualities in their lives. As students learn and practice the Tao wisdom and practical techniques shared by Master Sha, they may experience a deep connection to Source. They may be able to maintain good energy, stamina, vitality, immunity. They can practice embodying the qualities of their higher selves, being more loving, forgiving and compassionate, for example. Thus, students can find themselves coming into greater alignment with their true nature. In these retreats, Master Sha offers a pathway to align with the Tao. He shares the wisdom for longevity and immortality. This supports us to develop and maintain greater health, vitality, well-being, flourishing, longevity and more. Tao 5 – 10 This retreat includes the most sacred and most profound Tao teaching that Master Zhi Gang Sha has offered yet. It is only offered on site and in person. It is not available by webcast or teleconference. One must attend the Tao 1 – IV Retreats as a prerequisite to this retreat, which are offered on location and via webcast prior to this retreat. In Tao 5 – 10 participants will study, experience and receive: The key Tao Teachings (for example, Tao Normal Creation and Tao Reverse Creation) Special Dong Gong (moving) and Jing Gong (quiet) longevity and immortality practices Practices to nourish your energy, stamina, vitality and immunity Practices of soul healing and rejuvenation for your good health, inner youth, beauty and longevity Practices that help you align with Tao and flourish in any aspect of life Guidance on how to further your practice of Tao in your daily life The opportunity to receive powerful services and blessings for your spiritual journey We welcome everyone to prepare and to join with Master Sha for this very special retreat. Location Delta Toronto East 2035 Kennedy Rd Toronto, ON M1T 3G2, CA
  5. until
    Experience the Power of the Tao Chang Master Sha has shared that: Tao Calligraphy is the love art to transform all life. Tao Chang is the love field that transforms all life. Each Tao Calligraphy Tao Chang Healing and Transformation session is an opportunity to align your soul, heart, mind, and body for better health, well-being, relationships, personal and spiritual growth, and success in life. In these special sessions, Master Sha will continue to share about the wisdom and power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang and how they can help us to heal and transform our lives. He will demonstrate how to practice and receive blessings from Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang. So bring your dreams and challenges into these sessions and enjoy your healing and transformation journey as you receive more Source love, forgiveness, compassion and light in your life! Be sure to invite your friends and loved ones so they experience the power of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Chang and have the opportunity to receive any unique or special blessings that may be offered by Master Sha. Register here...
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