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Found 4 results

  1. Magdalena Kusch


    Earlier today I shared on Facebook a Swedish song called “Goliat” of an artist I admire very much. Goliat by Laleh I found these lyrics were very meaningful to me at this time and I thought about them a lot on this day for I was reflecting a few things from some sessions and conversations with different people. For many of us when we were young kids, we had big dreams, hearts full of hope and our trust was made of gold. This enthusiasm for life in the early years is so present, for then we are much more connected with our beloved soul (and the plans the soul has for this life). We say things when we are young that sound very bold. I remember one time at school a teacher asked us during a lesson what we are going to do when we have grown up. When it was my turn, I said: “I am going to change the world.” I had no idea why I said it, it just came out of my mouth. I only remember this incident because of the response of my teacher. My teacher laughed out loud at me and said: “First you have to change yourself.” Now as an adult, I fully agree of course that all change begins with ourselves. I realized this actually quite early, I learned about it from one of my childhood favorite musicians: Michael Jackson, through the song “Man in the mirror”. But at that time in the classroom I did not understand what my teacher said, why and the whole reaction. I did not know myself and my weakness enough yet back then, to realize that there is something to improve. I was pretty optimistic and had big visions for the earth. The answer of my teacher was challenging in many ways. But I moved on with life and found my path, which I truly believe, I was meant to walk. When we are small and more connected to our soul, we have a natural courage that comes from deep inside and that helps us to master many lessons on the way. We sometimes say things to people or make promises that truly guide our way. When we grow up, we seem to lose many of these qualities. I often hear people talking about their dreams, hopes, goals and visions and watch them NOT following them. And I wonder... What is it, that comes between us and our soul vision? What is it, that causes that constant battle between the mind and soul? Why do we sometimes lose it all and forget even the promises we made? What happens to us on earth that we truly completely forget what we came for, what we planned when we were in the Akashic Records designing our next clue? The only response is that we carry Soul, Heart, Mind and body Blockages (karma) from the past, negative information or programs that can activate at any time and create a hurdle as large as a Goliath. The thing is that we are at the same time actually completely equipped to take exactly that hurdle and win the battle. We truly have it all. All the power, the wisdom, the skills are within us and we all have remarkable capabilities to master any challenge in life. We will be always confronted with Goliaths but only at that size we can cope with. We all can do it and no matter what it is, we have to deal with, the power is within. We also have to remember the universe is NOT cruel. It’s not punishing us or presenting us with something we did not chose. We chose it all. We create everything. It’s us. This sounds like a lot of responsibility and of course it is ...and the beauty is: we have freedom to chose. Our mind and especially the ego often believe different things and create fear and worries, desires and attachments which make us suffer. While our souls and the entire universe only want the best for us, for everyone involved and entire planet earth. So when we are in a situation where we feel stuck, maybe we are in great pain or in a place where we don’t feel at all... It’s important to know, that we are the ones who can change it all, anytime. Our life can completely transform with one single decision, step, choice we take at a single moment in life. Just knowing this, is a huge motivator itself. I personally found, that we can mobilize incredible resources within ourselves and take mind blowing steps, when we remember something (one single thing) that it’s worth fighting for. It could be a very high goal like achieving something significant on the spiritual journey, or the knowing that we have to build something unique in the material world, the knowing that we have to contribute to a major humanitarian project with our skills or manifest a flourishing company that will serve in many ways...one goal could be to create a full filing relationship with a beautiful person we dreamed of when we were a kid. What ever it is, we have to remember this vision and hold it in our hearts, like a compass to guide our way. The vision, courage, trust and heavens grace will always empower us to move on. When we wish to remove the hurdle we can apply spiritual tools which efficiently take care of blockages of any kind like for example the universal meditation for forgiveness. Please enjoy a guided practice here... Universal Meditation For Forgiveness There is much more we can do to stay on track and I will share shortly. For now may you enjoy another meaningful song that I will explain another time... Somewhere only we know Thank you. With Love Magdalena https://instagram.com/thecitymonkmk?igshid=17v2hdqvr3q1a
  2. Magdalena Kusch

    How to properly grief

    A song for a father On this day the soul of my father came into his embodiment to be with us here for just 54 years. On this photo more than 35 years ago we are dressed in our polish traditional costume for cultural celebration in Germany and it’s one of my most happy memories. The family had just been united after almost two years of seperation (due political circumstances in my birth country Poland) and the hearts were filled with hope and great dreams for the future. Most of the dreams did not come true and hopes were washed away by unbelievable struggle. A life lived in regrets, sadness, anger and grief. Grief, I learned is just a strong energy accumulated in our chest that does not move and causes great pain. People who grief, suffer greatly. I know my father had a lot of grief to deal with. People say grief is love with no place to go. It’s the love you want to give but cannot. Maybe because there is no one to receive, maybe because you don’t know how. I found that healing deep grief is very important to move on life. We all experience grief on some point in our lives, we all go through losses of all kinds. My losses were huge and left their marks. But I learned to grief properly. Grieving properly also means for me to set things right. We sometimes grief over a loss and it becomes very intense because we placed the person/object,project, home, job etc. like a statue on a Podest, as a reminder of its perfection, while in fact it was never perfect and we grief so deeply cause we avoid to heal our illusions. My father was not perfect at all and there was a lot to learn and to forgive. My father was one of my greatest teachers for unconditional and true love. Not by being such a great example of it. By being the way he was: Not able to express his love properly. I learned the most from watching that pain. True love is not praising someone for all their good, it’s loving them for everything, all in total, who they truly were or are. It’s forgiving them everything unconditionally, all they did us wrong and all they could not do for us. True love is not a one sided, blinded affection -addiction. True love is born by embracing all aspects. The same is true for hate. Often people hate something about someone and they focus on that only. They can’t see the other love-able aspects. When they could, hate would transform to love. True love would be born. I went through this process of feeling hate for my father to loving him. I learned that most people on earth are afraid of that kind of love. When we truly love someone, we love their wholeness and don’t leave things out. When we grief about them, we need to allow ourselves also to feel the sadness and pain they caused to us. Not only the pain that their absence causes. When a loss occurs the energy in our heart area builds up to a huge cloud and then it can crack our heart open and lots of feelings can come up. These could be all kinds of feelings from the past, we did not process or allow ourselves to feel. We have to acknowledge the bad experiences, the disappointment, the fear, anxiety, anger and more people we lost, caused to us. In this way we grief authentically and the grief will remain in proportion and be free of ego-grief. Ego-grief is truly an attachments to illusions and it only builds up when we can’t see things for what they truly were/are. I know that my grief I am experiencing is also a lot about the missed opportunities my father had. All the wasted potential and unfulfilled life task. The loss of his soul journey and the unfulfilled desire to be close to the source. My father had a great passion for life but did not know how to express his driving passion and how to channel it into something good. I know when I grief about that, I also grief about my own inability to express mine. He continues to teach me things still, a long time after he is gone. I learned to love my father with my whole heart. I learned to love him for who he truly was not only for what I wanted him to be. My father was not a father figure like we are programmed to believe fathers should be. My father was the one my soul chose to be with to teach me all about unconditional, true love, I wanted to learn. He accomplished this part of his task and I am deeply grateful for that. With my deepest love and gratitude Happy Birthday Dad. Lenka. PHOTO My father Richard Kusch, my brother Christoph and me in 1983, Frankfurt Germany PHOTO Above Jewish Memorial Berlin, Potsdamer Platz by unknown.
  3. I love the practices!💖 It gives me such a boost of energy, better then coffee by far!!! I feel so good after, I go do a happy dance in celebration then I'm ready to take on the day whatever happens. Da Gan En Master Francisco! I recently was a Demo for the first time on Wed. April 1 healing session and received the Tao Golden Light ball for Boosting Spiritual Immunity, Rainbow Light ball for Boosting Spiritual Immunity and Purple Light ball for Boosting Spiritual Immunity, Thank you Thank you Thank you Master Sha, so the practice is perfect for me. Heaven is smiling on me and I hope I can make their smile bigger, Da Gan En CBD CBD CBD
  4. Hello Master Francisco, I would love to be a Demo for Boosting Spiritual Immunity. Da Gan En, Greatest Love Da Ai💖💖💖
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